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Fares & Tickets

For our local and crosstown bus services, we offer a variety of tickets to suit your needs.

All of our drivers accept contactless card and device payments, as well as cash. We do carry change, however large notes may cause a problem so wherever possible we would like you to have the correct money or consider pay using an app, contactless or using Tap On Tap Off where possible. 

If you travel frequently it would be worthwhile using an app (morebus, Salisbury Reds or Bluestar)  which allows you to buy and store tickets which you can use across the whole network. Tickets can be bought on your phone and used on the bus straight away. Buying tickets in the app also offers the best value.

Please see below for fares and other ticket information.

Network fares

Among general single and return fares which are available exclusively from the driver using cash or contactless, we also offer dayrider and period fares.

Day Tickets Paper App
1 day - adult £9.50 £9.50
1 day - child £6 £6

Valid for 1 day unlimited travel on any public Bluestar,  Damory, morebus, Salisbury Reds or Tourist bus across the south coast.

Period Passes Paper theKey App
7 days - adult £28 £29 £28
7 days - child £22 £23 £22
30 days - adult N/A £110 £102
30 days - child £84 £87 £84
90 days - adult N/A £248 £238
90 days - child N/A £230 £225

7, 30 or 90 day tickets valid for unlimited travel on any public Bluestar,  Damory, morebus, Salisbury Reds or Tourist bus across the south coast. If you are a frequent traveller, the best value period tickets are available  in the morebus, Salisbury Reds or Bluestar app.

Photo of a passenger using a contactless card on-board a Damory or Touristbus

Dorchester fares

If you travel regularly within Dorchester on the Dorchester Route 1, Dorchester Route 2 or Dorchester Route 6, you may find one of our Dorchester period passes more suitable. They are all available to buy from the driver.

Dorchester fares Paper
1 day - adult £4
7 days - adult £14
30 days - adult £48
Photo of a customer using Apple Pay on a Damory or Tourist bus

Children & young adults

Any fare paying customer or pass holder (including ENCTS) can take up to 2 children with them under the age of 7 for free. Any additional children travelling will be charged the normal child fare (regardless of whether they are under 7 or over). Tickets bought in the app can be 'gifted' to another account if purchasing for someone else.

Child and young adult fares are available until your 19th birthday. Many young customers look very grown up and our drivers may question your age. We recommend that ID is carried so that your age can be verified otherwise you may be asked to pay adult fare. If you using the app, you can provide ID via a photo and once verified, you won't have to show ID again.

Concessionary pass holders

The concessionary fare scheme is a great deal for those who are of the women's pensionable age and some people with disabilities. It allows free travel all over England, including Damory, Tourist and our sister companies.

Once you have got your pass, you can jump on and off buses as much as you like – a quick pop to the shops or a day out on the coast. 

Most areas have time restrictions and these can vary from area to area – so it is best to check with your local authority first.

Dorset residents

If you are a permanent resident of the wider Dorset area (outside of Bournemouth and Poole) and are eligible, you can apply for a bus pass through Dorset County Council.

Find out more and apply at dorsetforyou.gov.uk


Wiltshire residents 

If you are a permanent resident of Wiltshire and are eligible, you can apply for a bus pass through Wiltshire Council. Due to the infrequent nature of services in rural parts of Wiltshire, some buses can be used before 0930 and the council provides a list of these exempt services. Sadly, concessionary bus passes are not valid on the Stonehenge Tour.

Find out more and apply at wiltshire.gov.uk


School transport

For many of our dedicated school routes, it is often cheaper to buy a dedicated school bus pass, which is available to buy online – you will need a passport size photo of your child first and a debit/credit card ready to pay.  Once ordered, the passes get posted out to your home address.

If you want your child to use other buses during weekends and school holidays you can select a network add on (where applicable). 

Single and return fares are also available from the driver on some school buses.

View our school routes and timetables.